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Medical Oncology

Our medical oncologists are experts in determining the right chemotherapy treatment for each patient. They actively seek and participate in national clinical trials to provide their patients with the most advanced care available, while furthering the cause of cancer research.

Radiation Oncology

Using the latest in treatment techniques, our radiation oncology specialists provide extremely precise and targeted treatment to kill malignant cells without damaging healthy tissue or organs. These state-of-the-art techniques include IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy), External Beam Radiation, Brachytherapy (prostate seed implants) and Mammocyte (minimally invasive breast radiation).

Interventional Radiologists

To provide the most accurate diagnosis possible, our Interventional Oncologists perform Mamatome (minimally invasive breast biopsies) along with endoscopic ultrasounds which are reviewed by highly trained Pathologists.

Clinical Trials

Flagler Health+ collaborates in a broad range of chemotherapy and radiation trials, in conjunction with the National Cooperative Intergroup Trials. All research is performed with Institutional Review Boards oversight allowing our data to be pooled with data from nationally accredited cancer review centers across the country.

Patient Testimonials