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How to Celebrate National Nurses Month

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How to Celebrate National Nurses Month

Nurses are the backbone and glue of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. Patients lean on them when they are sick, parents depend on them when giving birth, and they provide the network of support doctors need to assist patients 24/7. The last few years have posed significant challenges for nurses.

That's why, now more than ever, we must prioritize nurse appreciation and show that appreciation in unique and meaningful ways. National Nurses Month is the perfect time to show appreciation for the nurses in your life. The American Nurses Association celebrates Nurses Month during May with the theme "Nurses Make a Difference." National Nurses Appreciation Week is also celebrated in early May.

Nurses advocate for their patients daily to ensure they and their families receive quality care. Nurses have even influenced policy decisions so that more Americans can access affordable health care coverage. The reasons to appreciate them and show our gratitude are plenty.

Ways to Celebrate Nurses During National Nurses Month

As we celebrate Nurses Month, remember these tips as you find the best ways to show appreciation to the nurses in your life. 

1. Say thank you. 

Saying thank you may seem like such a simple thing, but a lot of the time, the work nurses do will go unnoticed. It can be hard to think of nurses when you are in the hospital because often, hospital visits come with stress, and our minds are preoccupied with other things. But expressing gratitude at the moment doesn't have to be complicated. Simply saying "thank you" or engaging in conversation about their life and interests is a way to recognize them and acknowledge their personhood outside their job as caretakers. 

2. Listen to them. 

Attending to other people's needs all day, sacrificing sleep to work the night shift, and processing patient trauma can take a toll on nurses. One of the most caring things you can do is to be a sounding board and a listening ear to the nurses in your life. Ask them gently if they would like advice or for you to be there with them as they process out loud. That can be one of the best ways to show them you care about their life and recognize their heavy loads.

3. Help them prioritize self-care.

 As seen in the past, healthcare workers can quickly burn out without adequately caring for themselves. One of the best things you can do for a nurse in your life is to give them the gift of relaxation and solitude. It doesn't have to be a budget breaker, but look up a spa or yoga studio nearby and see what options they have available. One hour in the massage room could be the reminder they need that their work matters.

Attend nurses' appreciation events and engage online.  

Many people don't understand that nurses work around the clock to ensure that patients and their families get the best care possible. It is common for hospitals to plan events, celebrations, or social media campaigns to educate the public about what their nurses do each day. By engaging in and attending these events, you can show your support. Who knows what nurse out there might be encouraged by your presence or engagement? It's the little things that matter most.

Flagler Health+ is proud to celebrate Nurses Month in May and throughout the year. Don't wait till May to show a nurse how much you appreciate them; these are great ways to celebrate nurses daily.

Get in touch today for information about Nurses Month and how Flagler Health empowers its community!