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Advanced Care Services

smiling elderly womanFlagler Advanced Care Services is a specialized, person centered care approach that coordinates treatment and symptom management and moves the focus of care for late-stage chronic illness to the home and community.

Flagler Hospital recognized the need to improve the level of care for people with serious, chronic illnesses. We have joined forces with Alivia Care and First Coast Health Alliance to create a nationally recognized model of care to help people live their best lives possible in the place they call home.

What Services Does Advanced Care Services Offer Me?

Our dedicated Advanced Care Services team gives you the tools to manage your illness and improve your quality of life. It does this through regular visits from our dedicated team of nurses and social workers, who will coordinate with your physicians and consult with a medical director. This team will help with managing difficult symptoms and access to community-based services and other types of care that can help you. Our team also works with you to create a personalized care plan unique to your life, your values and your goals for care.

Patients and families may benefit from:2 nurses with elderly patients

  • Relief from pain and challenging symptoms
  • Greater peace of mind in navigating the complex health care system
  • Practical and emotional support for family caregivers every step of the way
  • Guidance in planning and making decisions about future care

smiling middle aged couple

Our professionals support you and your loved ones in person or by phone, with consultants available 24 hours a day, anytime you need help. Our team will follow you over time for as long as needed. While we help you think through your options and support your decisions, we never make them for you. You and your family’s needs always come first, and you are always in control.

Do I Qualify to Receive Advanced Care Services?

This program is part of our innovation efforts to seek new ways to deliver care. The program is currently available by referral only through our health care team.

It’s important to note Advanced Care Services is not hospice or palliative care. While it may offer many of the same benefits, our care model allows you to begin or continue treatments that may be curative and or provide comfort in nature.elderly couple

For patients who meet eligibility criteria for Flagler Advanced Care Services, there will be no out-of-pocket cost to you for our services and support. To learn whether Advanced Care Services may be right for you, ask any member of your Flagler Hospital or First Coast Health Alliance team, or call: 904-417-6052.

When pain and other symptoms get in the way of living your best life, Flagler Advanced Care Services can help.